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In November and December 1967, a "photo album" was produced by the 14th Combat Aviation Battalion (CAB). The book was actually printed in early 1968, but all photos were complete by the end of 1967.

I've scanned all the pages of the 174th AHC in the book and have included them here on the Website. Each photo will have a "blue cube" below it. If you wish to see the photo enlarged, click on the blue cube and it will be enlarged considerably. You may have to scroll left-and-right and up-and-down to see all the image. By clicking the "back" button on the top of your browser while viewing the enlarged photo, you'll be returned to the page with the smaller photo.

Below I'll list the page numbers in the order I scanned them (the pages in the book are unnumbered), and I'll provide a short description of what's on that page. On this page, I'll include an index of all the 174th AHC pages that I scanned. Click on the page number to view the page.

WEBMASTER NOTE: This book was printed either in Korea or Japan by "English-as-a-second-language" printers. There are a significant number of mistakes in spelling, grammar, and identification of people. Quite a few names throughout the book are misspelled and in some cases entire groups of people are misidentified (as luck would have it, the photo I am in was totally misidentified with other people's names). If anyone viewing this sees other mistakes, please let me know and I'll make note of the error in the photo caption. --Jim McD.


Pg. 19: "A Brief History of the 174th Aviation Company"

Pg. 20: MAJ Wheat, CPT Boswell, SFC James

Pg. 21: MAJ Gibson, SSG Senter, SP4 Browning, SP4 Belmonte, SP5 Williams, SP4 Blair, PFC Foxx

Pg. 22: PFC Bilelld, SP5 Williams, SP4 Ramey, PFC Norris, PFC McGlew, SP4 Kemper, PFC Huggins, WO1 Hall, WO1 Fife, WO1 Sillman, WO1 Johnson, WO1 Loughry, WO1 Lind, WO1 Main, WO1 Dodge, PFC Waker, SP4 Hrvol, PFC Duncant, SP4 Howard, SP4 Putnam, SP4 Johnson, SP5 Richardson, SP4 Delnero, SP4 Nevin, 1LT McCrarry

Pg. 23: WO1 Carter, WO1 Brigante, WO1 Campbell, WO1 Connin, WO1 Hathaway, WO1 Holcome, 1LT Neuman

Pg. 24: WO1 Jacobson, SP4 Lear, PFC Stewart, SP4 Mitchell, SGT Yocum, SP4 Schert (Scheri), SP5 Maher, SP4 Kostter (Koster), SP4 Bugher, SP5 Hood, WO1 Carmichael, WO1 Miller, WO1 Pearson, CPT Woods, WO1 Burton, WO1 Dodge, WO1 McDaniel, WO1 Calloway, WO1 Doersam

Pg. 25: SP4 Crisp, SP4 Dentrone, SP4 Phillips, SP4 Holmes, SP4 Ast, SP4 Hubbard, SP4 Tanksley, SP4 Jones, SP4 Schellhaas, PFC Dennis, WO1 Magno, SP4 Grimsley, SP4 Fletcher, SP4 Rathbone, PFC Eastham

Pg. 26: CPT Goff, WO1 L. Martin, SP4 C. Martin, SP4 Romero, PFC Stewart, SP4 Crutchfield, PFC Fogle, PFC Bates, PFC Bollig, SP4 Feister, SP4 Maryanski, PFC Currie, PFC Sorel, PFC Ceniceros, PFC Schowalter, PFC Bessey, SP5 Lundgren, PFC Jones, SP4 Chilson, SP4 Wedden

Pg. 27: SSG Dowdy, PFC Devore, PFC Frix, PFC Armstrong, SP4 Hennesey, PFC Patterson, SP4 Trapp, SP4 Svanoe, SP4 Walker, SP4 Cox, PFC Lytle, SP4 Velasco, WO1 Coakwell, SP4 Griffin, SP4 Seese, SP4 Simmons, SP4 Everman

Pg. 28: PFC Phipps, PFC Rice, SP4 Watkins, SP4 Noll, SP4 Chaky, SP4 McKay, SP4 Curtin, SP4 Wheeler, SSG Strocks, SP5 Davis, SP5 Grays, PFC Fallon, PFC Hice, SP4 Andric, SP4 Price, SGT Davenport

Pg. 29: PFC Ceniceros, PFC Showalter, PFC Bessey, SP5 Lundgren, PFC Jones, SP4 Chilson, SP4 Wedden, PFC Ellis, SP4 Glennhead, PFC Stanley, PFC Bates, PFC Bollig, SP4 Feister, SP4 Maryanski, PFC Currie, PFC Sorel

Pg. 30: SSG Diebler, SP4 McGoldrick, SP4 Seese, SP4 Gatti, SP4 Griffin, SP4 Williams, CPT Schoolfield, SP6 Sims, SP4 Scott, SP4 Olesiak, SP4 Ditto

Pg. 31: MAJ Wheat, COL Wear, 100 Percent Aircraft Availability Fly By

Pg. 32: Shark gunner firing and troops jumping from a hovering Dolphin

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