174th Assault
Helicopter Company


14th Combat Aviation Battalion
A pictoral History

(Produced late in 1967)

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In November and December 1967, a "photo album" was produced by the 14th Combat Aviation Battalion (CAB). The book was actually printed in early 1968, but all photos were complete by the end of 1967. Within the book are sections for:

14th Battalion Headquarters






"C" Troop, 7th Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry -- RUTHLESS RIDERS

Below is the cover of the book (more narrative and CONTENTS are below the photo).

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The book has unit writeups and photos for each unit within the battalion. Here I've reproduced some of the pages of the battalion section (but not all), and I've reproduced ALL of the pages pertaining to the 174th AHC.

Each photo will have a "blue cube" below it. If you wish to see the photo enlarged, click on the blue cube and it will be enlarged considerably. You may have to scroll left-and-right and up-and-down to see all the image. By clicking the "back" button on the top of your browser while viewing the enlarged photo, you'll be returned to the page with the smaller photo.

Below I'll list the page numbers in the order I scanned them (the pages in the book are unnumbered), and I'll provide a short description of what's on that page. On this page, I'll include all the 14th CAB pages that I scanned, then I'll provide another page for the 174th photos. Click on the page number to view the page.

WEBMASTER NOTE: This book was printed either in Korea or Japan by "English-as-a-second-language" printers. There are a significant number of mistakes in spelling, grammar, and identification of people. Quite a few names throughout the book are misspelled and in some cases entire groups of people are misidentified (as luck would have it, the photo I am in was totally misidentified with other people's names). If anyone viewing this sees other mistakes, please let me know and I'll make note of the error in the photo caption. --Jim McD.

In any event, It is a part of our history. Enjoy it for what it is...


Pg. 2: 14th CAB unit insignia and unit patches for each helicopter company

Pg. 3: Editor's Credits Page

Pg. 4: 3 September is Certified as 14th CAB "UNIT DAY"

Pg. 5: Title Page for Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment

Pg. 6: Lt Col Carroll C. Issacs, Commander, 14th CAB

Pg. 7: LTC Joseph Ruthowski (XO) and Sergeant Major M.J. Tippie, Battalion Sergeant Major

Pg. 8: 1LT Campbell, CPT Holt, SP5 Ellsworth, SP4 Reynolds, SP4 Hirst

Pg. 9: MAJ Baldwin, SP4 Schamp, SFC Crosson, SP5 Meador

Pg. 10: MAJ Coats, MAJ Crews, MAJ Todd

Pg. 11: MAJ McMilan, MSG Svazas, MSGT Beason

Pg. 12: CPT Schexnayder, CPT Purks, SP4 Sarnie, SP4 Heiliger, MSG Svazas, SP4 Papp, SP5 Iwasaki, SP4 Vaitkus

Pg. 13: MAJ Hanna, MAJ Cyr, CPT Shank

Pg. 14: CW4 Scurlock, MAJ Cyr, MAJ Coats, STC Ruthowski, LTC Isaacs, MAJ Todd, SGM Tippie, MAJ Baldwin, CPT Holt, MAJ Hanna, 1LT Campbell, CPT Bernard

Pg. 15: 14th CAB Operations between May and November 1967

Pg. 16: Some Battalion Statistics

Pg. 17: Awards Received by Members of 14th CAB between January and November 1967

Pg. 18: GO TO the 174th Pages of the 14th CAB Book

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