174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Major Derald Smith's Photos

Dolphins at the Ready!

"In early 1967, the 174th and other parts of the 14th Battalion went south to take part in what at the time was the largest helicopter operation of the war. I think it was something like 5 assault companies and a company of chinooks, with a lot of support folks. We staged out of the Bao Loc tea plantation area. This was a top secret mission to hopefully and successfully raid an in-country POW camp where there was reported to be US prisoners. The raid was a failure... the camp was deserted. This photo and the next one of Captain Banke were while we waited at Bao Loc. (Note the tail rotor danger warning written in Vietnamese. Also, the near Dolphin does not have a hardpoint mount for its doorgun, but the one in the background does.)