174 th Assault
Helicopter Company

Unit Histories,
War Stories,
and Photographs

1967 Official 174th Unit History

WO1 Tom Burch's Photos Page

Randy Putnam's Photos Page

Sam Davis' Photo Pages

Chas Simmons' Photos Page

Ron Newcomer's Photos Page

Wayne Medeiros' Photos Page

Dave Lindsey's Photos Page

Jim Messinger's Photos Page

Marty Martos' Photos Page

Major Glen Gibson's Recollections of the 174th (1967 & 68)

Dennis Pelliccia Photos Page

Derald Smith Photos Page

1st Platoon Pilots' Tent at Ninh Hoa Feb/Mar 1967

A Day of Rest at Ninh Hoa Feb/Mar 1967

Fresh Bananas Feb/Mar 1967

Craps at the O-Club Mar 1967

SP4 Adamson, Dolphin Crewchief Mar 1967

Duc Pho High aerial photo, Jun 1967

Flying C&C at LZ Crystal Davenport & Wood, May 1967

Mortar Hit on the 409th TC Tent on 24 June 1967

Shark Crewmen Assembling Rockets Early 1967

Shark Door Gunner at the Ready Early 1967

Staying Cool! Early 1967

SP5 Andrew Kasarda May 1967

WO1 Berg May 1967

No Fancy Slogans -- We're Number ONE! Jun 1967

WO1 Jim Messinger Plants a Palm Tree Jun 1967

Area Beautification Jun 1967

Larry Martin's Photo Page Summer 1967

PFC Gary Herbert, Dolphin Door Gunner Jun 1967

Shrapnel Hit WO1 Loughrey Jun 1967

LZ San Juan Hill, Jun 1967

Candy for the Kids, Jun 1967

Ed Selesky

Photo of Dolphin 235 crashed Original Dolphin nose art, July 1967

Shark 432 Down, 9 photos of "Papa Ike" Israel's Fateful Day 28 April 1967

CPT Schexnayder and 1LT Billy Wood

The Crash of Dolphin 946 Or: How To Get Shot Down And Not Know It.

Dolphin Emergency Landing Near Duc Pho

1600 Soldiers Air Assaulted In Operation, Stars & Stripes article.

Silent Patrol Calls In Gunships On VC Patrol, Stars & Stripes article.

OUCH that Mortar Hurt!

WO Sillman

First AH-1G Cobra at Duc Pho Nov 1967

MAJ Thomas Wheat and Major Glenn Gibson Dolphin 6 & Dolphin 5

Shark with a Cavity Nov 1967

Shark hootch under construction Dec 1967

Interior of New Shark Hootch Dec 1967

Loading Rockets into Patches Dec 1967

Photos of a Hooker: Dave Mason's photos, 196th ASHC

Five Sharks Say Cheese Dec 1967

14th Combat Aviation Battalion: A pictoral history Late 1967

174th's section of the 14th CAB pictoral history Late 1967

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