174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Major Derald Smith's Photos

The Koreans at Ninh Hoa

According to Derald, "The 174th was in Ninh Hoa supporting the 9th Korean White Horse Infantry Division in March 1967. At first there were a lot of problems with the newly arrived Korean units. The 174th assigned me as liaison officer to them. When I went to meet their people, the main officer I was to deal with (Maj. Jo?--not positive of spelling of name) was a Korean Aviator who I had known while in Korea. We didn't have any more problems after we started working together. One of our insertions was very successful. The Korean "tunnel rats" came up with a huge cache of weapons from a large tunnel complex. On our departure from Ninh Hoa, the Koreans sent us off with a ROK Marching Band!"

Left-to-right: Major Henry (The Fying Dutchman) Schwarz; Major William Dalrymple; Major Jo (phonetic spelling), ROK 9th Division, and two unknown Korean officers.