174th Assault
Helicopter Company

Unit Histories,
War Stories,
and Photographs

Dolphin 954's Nose Art (CE Kelly and AC Clement)

Randy Putnam's Photos Page

Sam Davis' Photos Page

Major Glen Gibson's Recollections of the 174th (67 & 68)

TET Offensive--Operation Norfolk Victory (1 Jan 68 - 30 Apr 68)

Operations Supporting the 11th Brigade at Duc Pho (2 Apr 68 - 31 Jul 68)

Defense of Ha Than, Task Force Galloway (1 Aug 68 - 31 Oct 68)

Operation Vernon Lake II (1Nov68 - 31Dec68)

Americal Order of Battle, Nov 1968

Cliff Berg's Photos Page

Dave Spahr's Photos Page

Dennis Pelliccia Photos page


1LT Peters, WO1 Magno, & WO1 Doersam

New Shark Hootch

Early Shark Hootch Lounge

174th Company area Low aerial photo.

1998 Soldier's Award for My Lai (From Current Photos Page)

Col. Henderson's CONFIDENTIAL Report to MG Koster on My Lai

Crew Chiefs Are Eyes and Ears of Gunships, Stars & Stripes article

Shark 137 with jammed 40mm

Shark 138 departs Shark Park

1st Platoon's Pet Deer

Small Viet War Operations Can Turn Into Fierce Fights, Stars & Stripes article

The Rescue of 1LT Barry Lloyd of the 123rd Aviation Battalion

Shark 165 gets refueled

Captain Lanny McCrary Shutting Down a Shark at Duc Pho

U.S. Copter "Saves" NVA, Stars & Stripes article

Aerial photo of LZ Baldy

SP4 Wally Nunn

SP4 Wally Nunn - A Participant's View of The Battle of Dai Do

WO1 Jim Young at LZ Baldy

Bullet through the Binding

Crewchiefs and Gunners of the 174th

Headline News from May 1968

Near miss

Sharks on Standby Atop Mt. Bronco

Social Hour at the Shark Hootch

More on the Shark Hootch Porch

Two Shark 6's

Shark Cookout

WO1 Bill Murphy

A Memory of CW2 Henry Tews

CW2 Tews' Crash Site

Cold Extraction South of Duc Pho

Thanksgiving dinner, 1968

Shark 157 Headed Home

Duc Pho Raceway (Story and 5 photos)

Bear Hunting from a Helicopter (Story and 3 photos)

Tim Healy's Photos Page (Dolphin Door Gunner, 68-69)

Russ Pelke's Photos Page (Dolphin Crew Chief, 68-69)

Photos Page of SP5 Harry Cooper (Dolphin Crew Chief, 68-69)

Milton Thomas and Tony Yates

Christmas for the Troops, 1968

Christmas Eve at the O'Club

Merry Christmas 1968

JC Pennington's 1968 Christmas Memories

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