Welcome to the 174th Company Store
Store Manager: Steve Kennedy

E-mail Steve at steve.r.kennedy@att.net
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Available shirts, hats, patches, jackets, and the like

To order items from the 174th Company Store, review the store's available merchandise below and send an e-mail request with items, colors, sizes, etc. to the Store Manager, Steve Kennedy, at his e-mail address above. Some items are limited in the sizes available, so check with Steve as to what is in stock.

Steve will confirm your order, calculate total cost, including shipping charges, and will coordinate payment with you. Prices listed include shipping except in unusual circumstances such as international addresses. Most orders are sent priority mail.

We are a volunteer organization. Payment by check is preferred. We do have the ability to accept credit cards, however a $3.00 surcharge will be added for credit card processing. Steve will need to receive payment before he sends out the merchandise.

See the below links for descriptions, photos, and prices of the items we offer. For a larger view, you can "right-click" on a photo and download it to your computer, then enlarge it for detailed viewing. Steve can review any inventory updates or questions you may have.

"Sharks, Dolphins, Arabs and The High Priced Help " by Marty Heuer (174th AHC vet)

"Lords Of Darkness" by Billy Wood (174th AHC vet)

174th AHC Cocktail Glasses

Short-Sleeve T-shirts

Baseball Caps, Cap Pins, and Hat Bands

Individual Cloth Sew-on Unit Patches

174th AHC Challenge Coins